Singapore Sales'n'Deals

Shopping in Singapore is incredible. And cheap. At least for clever bargain hunter. is not another online hub for normal products. But it is dedicated to all exceptional sales of top brands in Singapore.

Singapore Sales: 24/7/365

There are a lot of sales in Singapore: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. Actually you would be able to buy everything cheaper than listed in your favourite store or the recommended retail prize. Wheter it is food or a tablet PC. That doesn't matter.

Prize and sales promotions - everywhere in Singapore

In the streets of Singapore and increasingly in the internet you will find a mere uncountable number of sales promotions. Great deals, warehouse sales, outlet stores, promotions on products, jubilee rebates and much else. Wheter this means 50% off, pay 2 take three or buy this get one of that free. Moreover you are always able to negotiate the final prize. Even when it was already rebated.

Sales seasons in Singapore

Looked at that way there is no need for an additional temporal sales. But nevertheless the shops in Singapore are used to summer sale, CNY sale, christmas sale, Valentine's day sale and so on.

A new online deals era just started in Singapore

With daily deal platforms such as,,, and exklusive branded fashion shopping plattforms such as,,, etc. a total new era of online shopping in Singapore started. While the United States and Europe are already well saturated respectively crowded with this platforms, Singapore and its online user are quite virgin in this case.